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This humorous exercise in wit and wisdom can only be found on our Facebook Page.  Here, you can look at the fun "Caption This:" photos and see what other clever individuals have put as a caption, but also add your own. Stretch your inner smart-ass, put on your MST3K hat, and caption away!  Caution:  Some "adult" language or content may be present.. if we're lucky!  

Caption This:  

Cripes.. I almost wore the same thing!!

Jeeeez!  I guess alien women DO fart!

Bitch, Please!  That is SOOO 1990!

Is this a "Friends of Gallifrey" meeting or something?

Well... attack from planet Pleather, I guess?

Bitch thinks she's ALL THAT!  Came here in a fancy spaceship but at least "I" drew my eyebrows on straight!

Nobody will suspect I'm an alien if I just act natural...

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