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Sci-Fi Schlock Reviews

Some remember them for their tongue-twisting technobabble, their outlandish or nonexistent plots, their laughable "special" effects, their spooky pseudo-science, or their awkward actors in the funny rubber monster suits.  
For others, these films are a beacon to a simpler time and bring forth fond memories of childhood and Friday nights huddled behind the family sofa protecting the Earth from marauding invisible invaders.  Still for others, some of these films are an interesting exercise in cultural anthropology, giving us rare insight and glimpses into the hopes, fears, and mindset of the time as well as contemporary thoughts of what the future may hold.
The rest of us.. we happy few.. we band of brothers.. just like to watch, laugh, and provide commentary. 
Whatever your reasons, enjoy these tongue-in-cheek reviews with the grain of salt with which they are intended.  
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