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Legalese , Disclaimers, Hold Harmless statements, Ipso Facto, Rootin-Tootin, E Pluribus Anus!

All pictures and artwork are culled from sites off the internet and I make no claim to either their production or ownership.  All work on this site is the intellectual property, if it can be called that,  of myself and is produced for entertainment purposes and the purposes stated on our home page.

All Accounts  (Facebook, Twitter, are personally owned by myself for the above stated purposes.

I take artist's work and intellectual property VERY seriously and make no claim to it as my original work or property.  It's display is for entertainment purposes only.  Most of the artwork displayed is used with the artist's express written permission.  There are a few bits here and there that were pulled off the internet.  If you see your work here and you don't want it to be here, let me know and it will be taken down immediately or let me know and I'll give proper credit.

"The Schlock Locker" , articles, design, and front page camera graphic are my intellectual property and are copyrighted.

It is my hope that we can enjoy all that is "B" cinema.  If you have any question, comments, or thrown tomatoes, feel free to contact us via our "Contact us" page.  

God hates the Schlock Locker

Well!  I see!  However, I shall be the better man and turn the other butt-cheek!

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