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I Bury the Living

Crawling out of the Locker today is a 1958 classic suspense piece called I Bury the Living. A freshly elected director of a cemetery begins to believe that he can cause the deaths of individuals by sticking an “occupied” black pin marker on the map of the graveyard where the person has purchased a plot. Slowly, as the supporting cast drops dead of mysterious circumstances, the main character slowly descends into madness: as my friends says.. The cheese slowly slides off the cracker.

Whereas the movie was somewhat suspenseful it didn’t quite close the deal with me. First, and I realize that this was a different time in our history, but was buying a plot out at the local cemetery something like making an appliance purchase? I know about 3 people who already have cemetery plots and they pretty much have one foot in them right now!

The movie poster was what kinda made me want to review this film. Well… it certainly did its job. Con-artistry at its best!! The poster pictures a Dr Who style “weeping angel” figure climbing out of an open grave, people running madly from cemeteries, other people avoiding head stones falling on them, and two "chilling" tag lines: “out of a time-rotted tomb crawls an unspeakable horror” and “a creature to freeze your blood!”

Bullshit! Fimflam!  Bollocks!  None of that it true! There was no “time-rotted tomb.” There was no “creature.”  There is bullshittery afoot! Every bit of this happened in this guy's head.  So, other that a really well-done propaganda poster.. The movie had little to offer other than a little bit of suspense.  I will give credit where credit is due.  It DID have me wondering what was going on but in the cheeziest convention since someone invented having a cat scare the shit out of the unsuspecting maroon skulking about in the dark, most of the action takes place in the guy's head.  Well.. at least it wasn't all a dream sequence!  Enjoy!

Lets see!  Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! Sorry George, time for you to die!

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