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Bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000

coming attractions

Coming Attractions

Atlanta, Ga
D'con as almost everything you could come to expect or want in a scifi, fantasy, anime, etc.  I have always loved the American Sci-Fi Classics Track and have participated with some of the panels.

Mobile, Al.  



Mobicon is a fan convention in Mobile, Al.  We hope to sponsor several events at the convention including several movies.  Check out the Mobicon web site at



Northwestern College Campus, Evanston, Il


B-fest is a 24 hour romp of B movies ranging in heinousness from "Plan 9 from Outer Space" to "Breaker Breaker."  I made the trek to Chicago in the name of schlock to witness this event.  It was grueling but ultimately, worth it! Check out past and future B-Fest information at  Check out some of their awesome past poster art.
B-Fest poster

This was my Ironman competition!

Facebook page

As always.. please check out and "like" our foray into the wonderful world of social media, the Schlock Locker Facebook page.  We use it for up-to-the-minute information, new "Caption this:" offerings, new reviews, and whatever else we can get away with!

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