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Death Race 2000

Sliding sideways out of The Locker this week is a spectacularly revved up 1975 Roger Corman offering, "Deathrace 2000" starring John Carradine and Sylvester Stallone.  This flick is a spectacular example of schlock at its best.  Aside from the confusion that one feels right at the outset, you quickly figure out that this is supposed to be some type of dystopic future setting where individuals race across country in completely outrageous looking cars running over people to get "points."  The winner is heralded as a national hero with all that glamour and privileges thereto.

Honestly, I laughed my ass off durring this entire flick.  The confusion comes from not having any kind of setup as to when this is, where it is, or why everyone is racing.  Through the clever use of "Cabbageheads" (persons within the story who provide explanations for the benefit of the audience, usually to another individual in the story, although they should already know what is going on) it is explained that these teams will race across the country and rack up points as they run over pedestrians.  Now, this is a highly televised national sport.  Knowing this, the streets are still filled with people wandering about taking care of business.  I don't know about you, but I'd be keeping my ass at home!  The cars look ridiculous and you can see them coming a mile away.. that and there is no other traffic on these roads as they drive cross country.

Car has a SERIOUS overbite!

I know that this is supposed to be entertaining.  I have said it before and I will say it again..I can suspend disbelief to a point but when stuff just makes NO sense, I have a problem with it.  Yes, its a campy movie.  Yes, its on the high side of ridiculous.  However, like the problems I had with "The Hunger Games," I am having trouble suspending disbelief to a point where "the populace" would tolerate that kind of behavior or actions from their government.  So, campiness and satire aside, I was having a real problem with this movie.  Regardless, it was entertaining on those aspects alone.  I did not know that Stallone was in this and that was a pleasant surprise.  He can't speak plainly in this on either.  All that being said... I did laugh out loud at most of this move, and thus, entertainment achieved.

I recommend it and please, keep in the back of your mind, while you are watching Carradine galavant around in his pleather gimpsuit, how he died!  RIP.

I find it damn-near impossible to take ANYONE seriously who is driving a car like this!

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Anyone got a length of rope and a closet I can borrow?  I'm a bit horny..

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