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….then I hear a rapping; a light persistent tapping, tapping on the Locker door

Behold, I think its Peter Lorre. Only this and nothing more... rapping on the Locker door.

The Raven

Flying out of The Locker today is the 1963 Roger Corman classic, The Raven, featuring Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and a fabulously wicked Hazel Court! Also, of note, is a rather dashing young actor named Jack Nicholson who looks quite debonair in his tights! The plot revolves around Price’s Character, who’s father was a Grand Master in the local Wizarding Guild, and his continued longing for his dead wife, Lenore. When he goes to confront the current Grand Master regarding a “sighting” of Lenore at his castle, magic and mayhem ensue. 

While doing research for this review, I discovered that Corman and Price, fresh off the heels of doing a couple of other Poe-related films, discussed departing from the somber and dark nature of the previous films and giving this flick a “lighter” and more humorous treatment. The actors were on board with this idea, although they had to convince Corman. As a “horror-comedy” it certainly is more of a comedy than a horror flick. As I have said before, it was about as frightening as dryer lint! BUT.. It was pretty funny and campy as hell! I chuckled several times at some of the preposterous lines, mostly delivered by Price and Lorre, who played well off each other.  I was admittedly pleasantly surprised at the treatment of the film by these “horror greats” and felt that they delivered fantastic performances. As a film it was moderately entertaining and certainly fun to see a novice Jack Nicholson in action.

..and in tights, no less!!

Watch the classic trailer here on Youtube

That hat will make you look idiotic.. forevermore!

It was an enjoyable and interesting treatment of one of my favorite works of Poe and I appreciated the lighter side of these usually-quite-serious thespians. It was an interesting movie with a considerable amount of camp and I’m not even going to get into the “final battle to-the-death” in which nobody died. However, be that as it may, overall a light-hearted fun film which, I’m sure, would give Professor Dumbledore a good chuckle.

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